Barbershop in Toledo, Ohio

La Moda Barber Toledo

28 Aug Barbershop in Toledo, Ohio

It’s been a long and rewarding journey getting through nearly three years of business at La Moda. I’m proud of the work we’ve done, the reputation that we’ve developed as one of the best barber shops in Toledo, and the mark that we’ve made on the community around the University of Toledo. Barber shops don’t need to just be places where you get your hair cut in silence, and I think La Moda has shown how diverse, how active, and how enjoyable they can be.

I feel even better about looking back on all the success we’ve had so far when I think about the fact that the best is yet to come. Demand is growing, our clientele are getting to know each other and sharing tips and ideas about style and clothing, and we’re looking for new staff to help keep things going strong.

If you’re an experienced barber, stylist, or receptionist who truly cares about style, haircare, and customer service, consider becoming part of our team and helping us to make sure that the next three years are even better than the last.

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